Welcome to Quadre B2B. Please review the following terms that govern your use and purchase of products from our site. Your continued use of this site constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by those terms. Please read them carefully.

The conclusion of the agreement between seler and buyer may occur in two ways.

Buyer has possibility to negotiete this terms and conditions and and terms of the contract before placing the order. Negotiations should be done via email and send to the sellers email adress (info@b2bquadre.pl).

If buyer refrain from indyvidual negotiations these Regulations and polish legislation shall aply.


§1 Definitions

The following terms and expressions used in these Terms and Conditions should have the following meanings:

  1. Adress - Quadre Sp. z o.o., Twarda 18 Street, 00-105 Warsaw, Poland.
  2. Basket - product list that records items selected by a customer for purchase until the transaction is completed.
  3. Buyer - Consumer and Client
  4. Client - legal person who has its own legal personality and legal capacity, legal person or organizational entity whithout legal personality whom the Act grants ability to perform legal actions and who are acting for business or profession purpose
  5. Civil Code - polish act of 23 April 1964
  6. Code of Good Practice - ethical, moral and proffesional standards in Act of action against unfair trade practices from 23 of August 2007
  7. Collection point - places listed in online shop where order can be colected which is not the sellers adress
  8. Consumer - means an individual having full capacity to perform acts in law - or a legal person or a non-corporate entity who, by means of special ruling, has been given a legal capacity - who places an Order products for purposes outside his trade, business or profession.
  9. Contact details - Quadre Sp. z o.o., Twarda 18 Street, 00-105 Warsaw, e-mail: info@b2bquadre.pl, phone: 0048 22 290 65 60
  10. Content - subject matter of the contract
  11. Consumer rights - Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer right
  12. Customer Account - means a functionality offered by the Service that enables using the Store, in particular the Basket, which collects data and information related to the shopping history and the Customer’s preference as to the method of payment;
  13. Delivery - means the delivery services, including deliverer and delivery costs from delivery price list avaliable online : b2bquadre.pl/pl/info/dostawa
  14. Delivery costs - delivery price list avaliable online : b2bquadre.pl/pl/info/dostawa
  15. Deadline for completion - number of hours and days in product fishe.
  16. Defect - legal and phisical defect.
  17. Goods - movable products which could be or which are subject of the contract
  18. Method of Payment - means the method of payment for the purchased Products, in particular, an electronic money transfer, a traditional money transfer, or payment by means of another online payment system accepted by the Buyer;
  19. Moment of delivery - the moment when buyer or authorized recipient are comming into posssession of the deliver
  20. Payment - method of paying for products and delivery
  21. Physical defect - when Buyer received product diffrent from the seller’s description and its caused by:
    • delivery damage
    • product cannot be used for the purposes intended
    • defect that makes it dangerous when used as intended
    • product doesnt comply with the written specification
    • major elements of order are missing and Seller wont send missing parts
  22. Place of delivery - adress or drop point indicated by the buyer in the order
  23. Product - minimum quantity of goods which can be subject of the contract and which is given in online shop as the unit of measurement in determining the price
  24. Product card - single online shop subpage with product informations4.
  25. Proof of purchase - invoice, bill, receipt issued persuant to The Goods and Services Tax Act from 11th of March 2004
  26. Subject of the contract - means the goods delivery and the goods (or any part of them) agreed under the Contract to be bought by the Purchaser from the Seller
  27. Shop - internet serwis avaliable online www.b2bquadre.pl, where buyer can place the order
  28. Seller - means the firm from whom the Buyer purchases the Goods and Services, the details of which are stated on the Purchase Order.
    Quadre Sp. z o.o.
    Twarda 18 Street, 00-105 Warsaw, Poland
    NIP: 5242755897, REGON: 146441550

    BANK ACCOUNT: 79 1950 0001 2006 0022 8175 0002 (IDEA BANK)
    Registrated by Warsaw District Court, XIII Economic department KRS number 443307, share capital 5 000,00 PLN
  29. Terms and Conditions - means these Terms and Conditions with appendices, providing information about the duties, terms of use, and rights of both Parties of a Purchase Contract,

§2 Products and Prices

  1. The Products offered in the Store are brand new and legally introduced into the Polish market. The Seller also declares that the products are free from any physical or legal defects.
  2. The number of available products offered in the Store changes and is updated regularly. The Seller reserves the right that some products requested by the Customer - with respect to their colour, size, language variation, amount, etc. - may be temporarily out of stock.
  3. Every effort has been made so that the descriptions of the Products in the Store are as far as possible accurate and up to date. The Store, however, does not take responsibility for providing incorrect product specifications or features by the producer.
  4. The real products may differ slightly from the images of the products presented in the Store.
  5. The information about the products presented on the Store’s website, in particular, their descriptions, technical parameters, performance characteristics, and prices, constitute an invitation to enter into a purchase contract, compliance with Article 71 of the Civil Code.
  6. All prices shall be provided in Polish zlotys. In the foreign-language versions of the online catalogue, prices shall be also given in EUR and USD. The price specified next to each product dont include delivery costs, which is specified in online delivery price list
  7. The binding price for the Customer is the price presented in the Store at the moment of placing the order by the Customer. The Seller reserves the right to change the prices of Products, as well as to start and cancel promotions and sales. This right does not influence the orders placed after the date of such changes, promotions or sales.

§3 Conclusion and implementation of the contract

  1. Orders can be filled 24 hours a day.
  2. Customer can register on the website to facilitate placing next orders. The customer fills out the registration form with their password and the username to set up Customer account. Customer id obligated t protect his password and logis from unauthorized persons. All Customers who filled out the registration form have regular access to data in order to verify, modify or delete them.
  3. To place an order Customer should:
    • choose a product and add it to the Basket;
    • choose a delivery method from the list of delivery methods provided by the Seller;
    • choose payment method;
    • provide delivery adress;
    • provide suitable information for the invoice;
    • confirm the order by means of pressing the button “Place order”
  4. By placing order Customer gives its consent to the conclusion of the agreement
  5. Agreement is concluded between Seller and Buyer when the Seller will accept the order. The Store shall confirm the Order acceptance by e-mail or telephone within 48 hours. The Store shall have the right to refuse to accept an Order, restrict the method of payment, or demand advance payment if the Order raises reasonable doubt as to accuracy or reliability of data supplied, or the method of payment.
  6. The order placed by the Customer will be processed on condition that the ordered Products are currently in stock. In case a Product is currently not available in the Store, the Seller will publish information about the product unavailability on the Store’s website at the description of a given product, however, a lack of such information on the Store’s website does not mean that the Product is currently in stock. In case a particular Product is not currently available in the Store, and there was no such information in the description of the Product, the Customer will be informed by email that processing the Order cannot be completed.
  7. In case the Customer wants to change the Order after it has been confirmed, the Customer should immediately contact the Seller. It is not possible to change the Order after it has been dispatched to the Customer.
  8. Order is proceed imidiately after conlusion of the agreement, if Customer secured trade credit. Prepaid orders are sent once recipient makes payment for the goods and final payment has been received which should be done within 5 days. The term of shipment shall be prolonged by the period from Order placement to the date on which the due amount is credited on the Store’s bank account. In case no payment has been received within the time limit, the order will be cancelled and treated as the Customer’s withdrawal from the purchase contract.
  9. Advance payment for products and shipment , obtaining trade credit or Sellers consent to ship goods C.O.D. may be precondition of shipment.
  10. The period of Order fulfilment by the Store is specified separately in the respective product description. The period of Multiple Order fulfilment by the Store is the longest period specified separately in the respective product descriptions.
  11. Goods are generally delivered with proof of purchase on dispatch route to the delivery address indicated by the Client, unless otherwise agreed. For the transaction procedure the delivery address specified by the Client in the ordering process shall be applicable. Collection by the Client is possible at Quadre Logistic Centre Twarda 18 street in Warsaw
  12. The cost of foreign shipments is determined individually with the customer - depending on the destination of delivery.
  13. Recipients in countries outside the European Union may be required to pay duty on the products. The amount of duty shall be determined on the basis of the internal regulations of each country. In countries where shipments are subject to customs duty, such charges shall be borne by the Customer. In such cases, the shipment date shall be extended.
  14. The Seller does not accept responsibility for any Orders that have been placed by the Customer incorrectly or not in compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

§4 Withdrawal from the Agreement

  1. The Customer may cancel the Agreement concluded with the Shop without providing any reason within 30 days from the date of the receipt of the order.
  2. The Customer may submit the declaration of withdrawal from the agreement by e-mail, by sending a declaration of withdrawal to the Shop address
  3. Shop shall immediately confirm to the Customer by e-mail of the receipt of notice of withdrawal from the agreement.
  4. The item must be returned in new and un-used condition. The item must be completely re-packaged to its original wrapped & packaged state, ready for re-sale If you discard, destroy or are unable to re-use the original packaging due to misadventure suffered to it whilst in your care, you must replace the packaging with the same or similar materials. Items returned that have been damaged in-transit due to incorrect re-packaging will not be refunded. It is Customer responsibility to ensure that returned items are packaged in the exact same way as they were originally sent.
  5. The Customer has to return the product at his cost and his own risk. Delivery charges are non-refundable.
  6. The Customer shall return the products to the Shop, or transfer them to a person authorised by the Shop without delay, but not later than within 14 days from the date of withdrawal from the agreement. For the deadline of returning the products to be respected, the Customer simply needs to return the products before the deadline expires.
  7. Seller shall refund the Customer an amount equal to the product price. Aditional costs are non-refundable. Such reimbursement shall be made without delay, but not later than within 14 days from the date of receipt of the Customer's declaration of withdrawal. Payments shall be refunded within 5 working days by bank transfer to the account indicated by the Customer or by money order to the address specified in the order, after the Shop receives the products or the Customer presents proof of returning the products. Refund payments shall be made using the same method of payment as that used by the Customer for the purchase, unless the Customer agrees to the payment being reimbursed in a different manner.
  8. Products shall be returned in the same condition in which they were purchased, which means that they cannot show any damage or defects. Products should be returned together with the packaging. Products should be returned together with the received VAT invoice.
  9. Item will not be refunded if the value of the products decrease as a result of using it in a manner going beyond the manner necessary to establish the characteristics of the product. Please note that Seller will not refund for damage caused directly or indirectly after receipt by the purchaser.

§5 Complaints

  1. A Customer’s complaint may be accepted on the basis of the Customer’s presentation of proof of product purchase (fiscal receipt or VAT invoice).
  2. Upon receipt of the product, the Customer shall check the contents of the parcel. In the event of any damage, the Customer shall contact the Store. Claims shall be recognized on the basis of a protocol drafted in the presence of the forwarder’s representative.
  3. If the product does not comply with the Contract of Sale, , with the exception of an incorrect use of the Product by the Customer, the Customer can exercise their right of implied warranty for defects, as defined in the Civil Code. In case the Product is covered by the manufacturer’s or distributor’s warranty (guarantee), the Customer can exercise their guarantee rights, or choose the option of the Seller’s implied warranty for defects at their own discretion.
  4. In order to make a defective product claim, in case the Product is faulty, the Customer should send the Seller a complaint form with the description of the fault(s) (defects) of the Product by email.
  5. Returning the claimed Product(s) to the Seller, together with the original proof of purchase, can only be done after the Customer has received a confirmation of accepting the defective product claim by the Seller, and using the method agreed with the Seller. The Customer will cover the delivery cost of the claimed Product(s), but once the complaint has been recognised by the Seller and accepted, the delivery cost will be reimbursed to the Customer. In case the payment was made by a debit or credit card, the refund will be made directly to the Buyer’s card account.
  6. The Store shall make a decision on the Customer’s complaint, within 14 working days of the time the product has been returned with a description of the defects. If the verification of defects requires an opinion of an expert or the manufacturer’s representative, the term of complaint handling shall be extended by the time of obtaining such an opinion by the Store. The Seller will inform the Customer about the result of the complaint by means of electronic mail.
  7. If the resolution of a justified complaint involves sending a new product to the Customer or remedying defects, the costs of delivery shall be borne by the Store.
  8. Individual settings of the Customer’s computer and monitor, causing erroneous or distorted display of information about the products (e.g. colours), may not form the basis of a complaint.

§5 Warranty

  1. The Shop undertakes to supply the ordered product to the Customer free of defects. The Shop provides warranty for the products delivered to the Customer in accordance with the provisions of the Polish Civil Code for a period of 24 months from the date of shipment of the products to the Customer.
  2. The warranty shall not apply if the products have been damaged mechanically for reasons beyond the control of the Shop, in particular as a result of improper use of the products.
  3. Under the warranty, the Customer is entitled to require:
    - a replacement of the product or removal of defects; the Customer may require the products to be replaced by ones free of defects instead of removing the defects proposed by the Shop, or require that the defect be removed instead of product replacement, unless the manner of making the product conform with the order chosen by the Customer proves impossible or would require excessive costs in comparison with the method proposed by the Shop;
    - price reduction with the indication of the amount by which the price should be reduced, or withdrawal from the agreement. The Customer shall not be entitled to those if the Shop replaces the defective products with ones free of defects or removes the defect without delay or undue inconvenience to the Customer. This limitation shall not apply if the product has already been replaced or repaired by the Shop. The Customer cannot withdraw from the order if the defect is irrelevant.
  4. If during the use of the product, the Customer finds defects in it, he/she should contact the Shop
  5. Should the Customer find any defect or damage caused during delivery after the receipt of the product, he/she should send it to the Sellers adress. Returned products must be accompanied by proof of purchase (invoice), along with a brief description of the damage to the products.

§6 Protection of Privacy

  1. Personal data contained in the registration form shall be stored and processed in a manner consistent with the scope of the authorisation granted by the Customer and the requirements of the Polish law, in particular in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Data of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws No. 133, item. 883, as amended).
  2. The registration form shall include data necessary for determining the identity of the user, i.e. personal and address details. However, it is only required to fill in some of the fields, containing the information required for concluding a transaction under the civil law and dealing with the sales agreement.
  3. All Customers who filled out the registration form shall have regular access to data in order to verify, modify or delete them. The Shop shall not transfer, resell, or lend personal data of its customers to other persons or institutions.
  4. By placing an Order, the Customer gives the Customer’s consent to personal data processing by the Store, exclusively for the purpose of Order fulfilment.
  5. The Customer may also express a separate consent to receive advertising and promotional materials from the Store, including commercial brochures.
  6. The Customer shall have the right of perusal of the Customer’s personal data, as well as the right of revision and deletion thereof.

§7 Final Provisions

  1. It is not permissible to use any materials published on the Store’s website (including photographs and descriptions of products), without a written consent of the Store.
  2. The product sale agreement is concluded in accordance with the Polish law
  3. The Store reserves the right to amend these Rules, and such amendments shall become effective upon publication thereof on the Store’s website. The Customer will be informed about a change or amendment to these Terms and Conditions before the change or amendment comes into effect. The version of the Rules that was valid at the time of Order placement by the Customer shall apply to the Contracts of Sale concluded before amendments.
  4. In the event of a dispute, the Customer being a consumer shall have an option to settle complaint or claim out of court. In particular, the Customer shall have the right to apply to the Regional Inspector of the State Trade Inspection with a request to commence a mediation procedure, or to apply to a permanent consumer court of arbitration, existing at the Office of the Regional Inspector of the State Trade Inspection, requesting that a dispute arising from the Contract of Sale be resolved. The use of complaint and claim resolution out of court is voluntary and both parties have to give their consent to the respective proceedings. Any dispute arising out of the sale agreement shall be settled by the competent local court of general jurisdiction.
  5. For matters not regulated in these Rules, the Polish regulations shall apply, in particular the Polish Civil Code of 23 April 1964 (published in Dz.U. 1964, No. 16, Item 93, as later amended), and, in the case of the customers being consumers, also the provisions of the Law of Consumer Rights of 30 April 2014 (Dz.U. 2014, Item 827) and the provisions of the Law of the Provision of Services by Electronic Means of 18 July 2002 (Dz.U. No. 144, Item 1204, as later amended).

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